Konstantin Grcic

introduces his lounge chair,

Nitzan Cohen plays solo

and the Bouroullec brothers

update their OSSO family

for Mattiazzi


Friuli lays in the very

northeast of Italy, borders

Carinthia and

Slowenia and stretches southwards

to the Adriatic.

Friulano is a language by itself and Friuli grows some of Italy’s finest...
wine as well as furniture. It’s a mountainous country with rich mineral resources serving as natural fertilizer for it’s outstanding Sauvignon grapes. The landscape is a little harsher and steeper than the gentle looking sceneries of central Italy one might be used to. This special geographic area enjoys both the mountains as well as the sea, forming a nourishing backdrop for a vivid culture of making. The eastern part of Friuli, towards the hilly border of Slowenia, nurtures a long and rich tradition of handicraft and woodworking. It was a natural process in which industry grew from the craft, leading many specialists from all scopes of wood processing to establish themselves in the area. In 1979, brothers Nevio and Fabbiano Mattiazzi founded a wood workshop barring their family name and specialising in the production of top quality wooden chairs.

Experts in the field of

high-quality wood processing, they base

the family business on clear

concepts and exceptional ideas.


Their years long handicraft

familiarity with the

particularities of wood have

always served as a basis of their

work. Traditional skill is

complemented by state-of-the-art

machinery and an environmental

friendly energy efficient



The wood which primarily

comes from the surrounding

forests does not undergo

any chemical treatment.

It is then processed with 



The roofs of the production halls an advanced solar farm, supplying all machines and production needs with in-house solar energy. Adding to the environmental efficiency and healthy logic, all wood rests are used in the winter to heat up the factory. All Mattiazzi products are produced with great environmental sensibility and enjoy a minimal environmental footprint. Mattiazzi is passionate about wood and delivers exceptional craftsmanship bringing in mind other times and standards. Giving a rare quality promise and trusting highquality products the company forms carefully it’s growing collection. Since 2009, Mattiazzi is presenting its own collection in the premium furniture market. Art directors Nitzan Cohen and Florian Lambl are the curators of the collection and through their collaborative work with world acclaimed designers stands a unique and thoughtful collection of characters. A combination of uncompromising design with high-quality processing which caught people’s attention from the very first moment. Being true to uncompromising quality Mattiazzi collaborates with the design elite. Designers Nitzan Cohen, Sam Hecht, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, and Konstantin Grcic used and expressed their inspiring encounter with Mattiazzi’s philosophy and the special circumstances within wood working in their designs. Each collection is unmistakeably characterized and represents a strong idea. However, the ideas are rooted in the passion of the Mattiazzi family and their exceptional team, always taking on new challenges with great curiosity and passion.

New in 2012:

MC 4






Designing for Mattiazzi was a sort of personal time travel which took me all the way back to my professional roots. At the very beginning of my career I was trained a cabinet maker. Working with wood is what I learnt from scratch, it is where it all started for me. Mattiazzi make furniture in wood. They master the material not only in its traditional form but also using newest digital production technologies. Medici was born there, on the factory floor where things are physically made. The chair is inspired by the material, by the machinery and, of course, by the skill and craftsmanship of the people we worked with.

Passion, competence,

and their years long handicraft

familiarity with the

particularities of wood have

always served as a basis of their

work. Traditional skill is

complemented by state-of-the-art

machinery and an environmental

friendly energy efficient




Update in 2012:

MC 3


Ronan & Erwan





Stool, Barstool

and Tables


Working with Mattiazzi is comparable to working with an organic farm. While being a small, family-owned company that has been manufacturing chairs for others since about thirty years, Mattiazzi decided to do less yet better. By using sophisticated CNC sets of tools and at the same time a greatly refined manual know-how, Mattiazzi has a hybrid way to consider furniture production. We were particularly interested by the fact that all the equipment is powered by solar energy and that the wood is coming from the surrounding areas to be carefully selected without the use of any chemical treatments. They came back to the basics and this is precisely what piqued our interest and our fascination for the Mattiazzi family. As designers, we feel involved in supporting such valiant microstructures that are always on the edge as they try to adjust to a constantly changing market.
That said, the Osso chair had to be the illustration of what Mattiazzi is in its roots. We designed an object in plain wood but not in regular plain wood, the quality of the wood literally makes the object, like the best piece of meat would make the refinement of a dish. Our intention was to let the sensuality of the wood material – from oak to maple to ash – express itself. The Osso chair invites to be touched, even caressed as it is extremely sculpted and polished thanks to the use of highly sophisticated digital control equipment. The hightech assembling system of geometrical wood panels allows a quite singular strength while preserving a design balance of the object. The Osso collections includes a chair, an armchair as well as high and low stools and a complete range of tables.
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