BÉTON BRUT is magazine of the KUNSTVEREIN,

art journal and catalogue at the same time.

Designed by Lambl / Homburger 

Brutalism describes an architectural style which is distinguished by geometric forms, steel and glass and most of all the use of concrete displaying the texture of the forms used for casting (Béton Brut). The 1967 building on the Grabbeplatz designed for Kunsthalle and Kunstverein by Konrad Beckmann is an exposed example of brutalist architecture. Important in architecture history, within the city the building is not exactly popular, which is surely connected to the rough appearance of the facade, its resistance to blend in the cityscape harmonically and its pladoyer for the absolute new inscribed into modernist objectives.

Since January 2007 the program of Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen sets out to question the promises and ideals of modernism and to disclose potentials and dissonances. Béton Brut, magazine of Kunstverein, is published semi-annually and will be part of this program as well as accompany it informatively and discoursively.
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